ROSA_CHARACTER_POSTER_CROSA is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi animated short that was released in 2011. Rosa, a cyborg, is mankind’s last hope for restoration of the Earth’s ecosystem. She awakens in a ruined area and is thrust into a fight or flight situation. She must survive a battle against two other cyborgs or Earth’s hopes will perish with her. This short chronicles that battle.

The animated short is visually engaging and competently done. Jesús Orellana made solid choices with the camera angles and the right choreography. I still haven’t decided whether the visual symbolism wasn’t over the top towards the end of the animation. The short could have benefited from having Rosa’s (and her world’s) back story worked in. As it is, you as the viewer are thrown in mid-story and there’s nothing to hold you there emotionally once it’s done. The short is based on an original story by Orellana.

For more information on ROSA, please visit the official site.

ROSA from Jesús Orellana on Vimeo.


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