It’s 17th Century New England. The forces of evil have been defeated, and the world is at peace. ….Well, THAT just won’t do! Rogue Lords, the upcoming roguelike from Cyanide and Leikir Studio. flips the traditional narrative on its head by casting you as the devil, who must sew chaos anew.

To make the world rotten again, guide your Disciples of Evil (who include figures like Bloody Mary, Dracula, the White Lady and Baron Samedi) around a 3D map and into turn-based battles. Pick your strategy carefully, because if you lose the game, you lose the WHOLE game and must start over (it’s one of those roguelikes, the kind that feel like they were made by the devil).

There’s one hope, though. Cyanide Leikir haven’t gone into specifics yet, but they suggest when the situation gets dire, the devil can use his dark powers to cheat at the game. Which is not only humorous, but in character.

“Rogue Lords is a game we came up with several years ago with Jérémie Monedero, the Game Director”, says Camille Lisoir, Artistic Director at Cyanide. “We are delighted to see the project become reality. We have fantastic synergy with the talented team at Leikir Studio and we can’t wait to reveal our diabolical world.”

Rogue Lords will be released this fall on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC. The game is being published by NACON.

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