Mobile game developer OnFace is targeting their upcoming first-person shooter Red Dot for a 2020 release in the US. The game is for mobile devices, and is currently soft-launching in Singapore.

Put simply, if you just want a game where you walk around with a gun and have to shoot other players before they shoot you, that’s this. It doesn’t go for any innovative ideas, it just gives FPS deathmatch fans what they want.

You’ll have three modes to pick from: PvP Team Death Mode, PK Mode (battle royale) and Sniper mode, which is a target elimination mode for single players. Weapons to choose from include Assault Rifles, Snipers, SMGs, Heavy MGs, Shotguns, Pistols, and Knives. Winning rounds will net you additional weapons and other rewards, but you can also buy them.

  • PLAY THREE EXCITING GAME MODES! Battle against other players in the PvP Team Death Mode! Be the last man standing in PK mode! Eliminate targets in the single-player Sniper mode!
  • BATTLE ACROSS DIFFERENT MAPS! From cities to shipyards to warehouses; every match is a new gaming experience!
  • COLLECT AND UPGRADE WEAPONS! Collect over 50 powerful weapons and skins! Upgrade your weapons for more firepower!
  • UNLOCK MORE CHARACTERS! Play as five different characters, each with unique costume design.

But there are more than five, right? You don’t mean five characters in all, right? ….Ah, they can’t hear me.

If all goes smoothly in Singapore, Red Dot should appear on Western smartphones next year without delay.