New machines capable of playing retro console games on HDTVs are a growing industry, and perhaps no project is more ambitious than the Polymega — a super all-in-one device that promises to take virtually anything. The list is longer than anything else on the market: NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn, PlayStation, TurboGrafx-16 and TurboDuo CD.

It’s that latter two that we’re talking about today as Polymega has announced its TG-16 module will come built-in with five licensed games.

  • Moto Roader      モトローダー    (NA + JP Versions)
  • Moto Roader II   モトローダーII    (JP Version)
  • Double Dungeons    ダブルダンジョン    (NA + JP Versions)
  • Shockman     改造町人シュビビンマン2 新たなる敵    (NA + JP Versions)
  • Dragon Egg   どらごんEGG!   (JP Version)

What we’ve got here is similar to the deal with the TurboGrafx-16 Mini. Technically there are more than five ROMs there, but several of them include both their North American and Japanese releases.

What’s cool is that you won’t need an extra module to play the TurboDuo or PC Engine games — or for that matter, the Sega CD, Saturn or Playstation games, because the Polymega’s built-in CD drive takes them all. Just the fact that we finally have something that plays Saturn games is impressive.

The one drawback to the Polymega: when the multi-console was originally announced in 2017, it was described as a hybrid of emulation and FPGA clone hardware. FPGA is always the better choice, but apparently they had some issues getting it to work, so the final model will be all emulation. That will be a letdown for some, as performance won’t be 100% flawless (Polymega says input latency has been reduced to under 1 frame of delay).

Polymega will begin shipping in the fourth quarter of 2019 for $299.99; extra modules will cost $60 each.

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