Every single video game announcement that gives a release date is a triumph. After all, it shows that the team is confident in where their game is that they want to tell potential gamers when it’s coming out.  And just as important, it usually means that there’s an in-depth look at the game that will bring more gamers to the table. Such is the case today with the reveal that Planet Alpha will be arriving on September 4th for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

In the game, you find yourself on a mysterious planet, alone, hurt, and unsure of how you got there. The only way to make it through this land is to traverse its many landscapes and see what’s out there waiting for you.

At first, you won’t have the power to do too much to change your situation, but soon, you’ll figure out you have the power to change the time from night to day and vice versa. The planet changes with each phase of the day, so use it to your advantage to get what you need to progress and survive.

There’s a lot of mysteries in Planet Alpha, and a new trailer shows just how much you’ll need to survive in order to find those mysteries.