Developer Greywolf and publisher Iceberg Interactive have announced Pax Nova, their latest 4X strategy game for the PC. 4X is a branch of the strategy genre that stands for “Explore, Expand, Exploit and Exterminate,” to give you an idea of what your goals are. It’s a big universe, and it won’t conquer itself.

Pax Nova is Greywolf’s second 4X game after 2017’s Dawn of Andromeda. According to Greywolf’s Mike Domingues, “After building Dawn of Andromeda around a very streamlined approach and learning a lot from that experience, we decided to work on a completely new 4X game with brand new ideas and a vastly different approach. Pax Nova is an epic space opera that seamlessly blends together planetary strategy with a space layer, which we believe sets it apart and hopefully one players will enjoy.”

  • Explore your world and beyond…

Planets are much more than just a collection of stats. Your civilization will soon want to know what’s outside your atmosphere and will look forward to discovering, colonizing or even invading new worlds. Each planet is procedurally generated with different biomes and various challenges, and is filled with numerous secrets, creatures, characters, factions and much more.
  • …including space itself
Space itself hides numerous secrets but many dangers as well. Pirates, space creatures and other beings will try to hinder or help your progression throughout Eos.
  • An epic space opera
Three different races, all invited there, provide a choice from a total of 15 factions. Each faction has their own play-style and challenges. Unveil the past of Eos and define its future! How you do it however is entirely up to you.
  • Dynamic diplomacy systems and political landscape
New diplomacy options can be unlocked depending on your traits, technology, specific events and more.
  • And much more
– Discover Eos’s secrets and solve quests, build space bases and outposts.
– Unique victory conditions for each player
– Unit and ship customization
– Randomly generated tech tree

A beta version of Pax Nova is scheduled to hit Steam Early Access this December.

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