A new trailer for DC’s Aquaman was released this morning. Warner Bros. claims this will be the final Aquaman trailer before the actual movie’s release. There’s an entire month to go, which is a substantial amount of time to break a promise. We’ll see how final this is.

The previous trailer for Aquaman was quite a beast, packing in over five minutes of footage above and below the seas. What could they possibly have left to show? Well…we haven’t seen Aquaman’s mother yet. She appears several times during this one, cradling Baby Arthur Curry in one shot and roundhouse-kicking people in another. We also get some revealing shots of the Third Act War including a Giant Enemy Crab that hopefully has a weak point.

You may not have to QUITE wait a month. Amazon has worked out a deal with WB to hold 1,000 advance screenings across America, one week before the proper release. However, they won’t scratch your back until you scratch theirs: an Amazon Prime account is required to purchase a ticket. This is a key component of their sinister plot to take over the world, as theorized by Beth Elderkin because she just saw a Doctor Who episode with similar themes.

Whether by inconvenience or paranoia, most of us won’t see Aquaman until its general wide release on December 21.