Once upon a time, a photo was published online of Deadpool reading to Fred Savage in the latter’s Princess Bride bed. It was tweeted as a one-off joke, but it had to be more, because they wouldn’t go through the trouble of casting Fred AND rebuilding that room if they weren’t….planning something….right?

Those plans were confirmed today, and they’re what everyone thought and assumed: a special PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 will be released for a limited time during the holiday season. The new scenes of Deadpool and Fred were filmed to get around the original cut’s racier gags in a VERY obvious fourth-wall manner, which is what we’ve come to expect from the Merc.

But this trailer hints that we could be getting some other new scenes as well….there’s a bit with Deadpool sitting with two senior citizens on a park bench that wasn’t in the original release. Also, Fred makes a VERY on-point remark regarding Fox’s Marvel output — I want to give this trailer ten bucks just for what he said. It’s a perfect moment you need to watch the video to see. So do that!

Once Upon A Deadpool comes to theaters December 12.