At the end of Season 06 of AMC’s the Walking Dead, a main character was brutally killed by villain Negan, but who died was not shown. For the whole time since, fans have wondered who died. At the Walking Dead panel, it was asked whether the death would somehow be “hidden” so that the reveal itself would be more drawn out. Host Chris Hardwick asked writer Scott Gimple whether we’ll see who dies in the premiere episode:

“We do indeed.” he replied

Though this may not comfort fans, as someone obviously will die, it won’t at least be drawn out to an insane degree. Gimple also noted that this season prides itself on its character performances.

“In putting together these episodes, I will say, this season…the performances this year are astounding. The actor this year are the star of the show,” Gimple promises. “Be on the look out for some amazing performances, some really weird creepy strange walkers.”

Season 07 arrives on October 23rd.


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