At the BBC America panel, a small section was dedicated to the upcoming season Doctor Who. Stephen Moffat and new companion Pearl Mackie were on hand to answer fan questions.

One fan asked about their thoughts on diversity in shows like Doctor Who:

“I think that in 2016 it’s frustrating that we still have to have this conversation,” Mackie said “Especially in science fiction though, I think (diversity) is something that’s been lacking. But something I noticed at the BBC America party last night is that there’s a lot of strong women of color in the three series that are part of this panel, which I think is great. And it’s something that shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be fore-fronted like, ‘Look at what we’re doing. Look at us, we’re so great.’ [Instead] it’s like, ‘It’s about time. Let’s do this.’”

After getting a standing ovation, Moffat was asked about this too, to which he stated: “It’s not something we’re looking for a pat on the back for, to be honest. I think people watching television should see people like themselves on there. That’s just a fact.”

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