One of the most notable events in 2018, fan-wise, was the sudden surge of support for a completely fabricated and non-canon Nintendo character. Bowsette was the result of a one-off gag in a webcomic that postulated what would happen if Bowser put on the Super Crown, an item in an upcoming Switch game.

Said game is New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, a repackaging of the Wii U launch title with all bonus “Year of Luigi” content included, as well as some new features…like a playable Toadette. If Toadette finds the Super Crown in any level, it’ll turn her into a human princess temporarily, giving her the same abilities as Peach.

A comic that went viral asked the question of what would happen if another Nintendo character put on that crown. The final panel shows Bowser turned into a busty human woman with spiked clothing (and real horns). The character was unnamed in the comic, but she quickly gained the name Bowsette and Nintendo fanboys everywhere developed an obsession.

Though Nintendo has responded to fan demands before (mainly in Smash Bros), making an Internet fan creation canon would certainly be new territory. We didn’t expect the company to ever comment on the possibility, but today they subtly delivered an answer.

The website for New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe went live today, and the Super Crown description reads as thus:

When Toadette finds one of these, she can transform into the super-powered Peachette. (Sorry Luigi — only Toadette can use this item!)

Nintendo has confirmed the Super Crown does not work on any other Nintendo character — only female Toads. Bowsette is forever non-canonical, probably due to the amount of X-rated art freely available whenever you do a search for her. Shoulda kept it clean.