What do these nine juicy new screenshots reveal about the upcoming final season of The Good Place? According to our sources, the characters will DEFINITELY be standing around and talking to each other!! ….seriously, that’s about all you can glean — they chose these images carefully, knowing we’d be inspecting them. But do we really want spoilers? Of course not. Here are the nine images, all taken from the first returning episode, “A Girl From Arizona”:

Eleanor Shellstrop

Eleanor settling into her new role as pretend Architect of the pretend Good Place.

Scene from the latest stuffy cotillion at Tahani’s.

Janet spots something GOOD! Tahani looks less impressed.

“Dis is da biggest birdbath I ever seen, but where we gonna find a bird big enough?”

If Eleanor is playing Architect, what job does that leave for Michael?

“Hey, I know what you can do, Mike! If you can find a giant bird suit….”


Altogether an intriguing batch of images, and it’s nice to see Eleanor, Tahani, Jason and Chidi agai—–wait a minute, CHIDI DIDN’T APPEAR IN ANY OF THESE! I smell a twist coming…

The final season of The Good Place starts airing September 26 at 9 PM, but if NBC tells you the premiere is actually on September 19, it isn’t — that’s a one-hour retrospective the network put together to squeeze a bit more out of this terrific toothpaste.

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