The latest expansion for Blizzard’s trading card game, Hearthstone, is due to launch this week. Mean Streets of Gadgetza will be available to download from December 1 according to the company’s own Twitter account.

This new expansion introduces three brand new factions that are highly associated with particular in-game classes in the form of 132 additional cards. The Grimy Goons feature hunter, paladin, and warrior decks, Kabal is linked with the mage, priest, and warlocks cards, while the Jade Lotus Assassins contain druid, rogue, and shaman decks. Each of the factions also have their own special leader cards, including one that gives the player the chance to create their own custom spell from a choice of over 100.

As was the case with previous expansions, card packs for Mean Streets of Gadgetza will be available to by in-game with gold from playing the title or with real money. However, players can also pre-purchase a deal that contains 50 card packs for the price of 40 if they order before the launch of the downloadable content.

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