Perfect World Entertainment is bringing their namesake MMO, now over a decade old, to mobile platforms with Perfect World Mobile. The app has already launched in China and gathered 2.6 million downloads in just twelve hours.

PWE promises an authentic translation of the PC experience when this app launches here, but with improved graphics like realistic light and shadow effects, and a dynamic weather system. The flight system from the original is retained, letting players travel with ease across a 60,000 square kilometer map. Battles take place on land, air and sea, and all the game’s classes have been carried over. In short, it should be like Perfect World, only perfecter.

Today we learned a bit more about the game, specifically how the character customization will work. When you start the game, you must choose from three races (Humans, Winged Elves and Untamed) and a class based on your playstyle, but the most interesting element is the fact that the look of your character will be based on how you look in real life. The game will prompt you to take a selfie, and then use that image to process your character’s appearance. Neat!

  • Massive continent – 60,000 square kilometers panoramic three-dimensional map for players to explore
  • Perfect World Reinvigorated – next-gen graphics bring new life to the beloved places of Perfect World with realistic light and shadow effects
  • Long-loved playable races – playable races of humans, Winged Elves, and the Untamed
  • Rich class choices –  experience the classes from the original game, each class brings its own distinct characteristics
  • Unique flight system – take to the skies with the flight system found in the original game
  • Epic combat – engage in combat in the air, on land or in the oceans
  • Spirit-based skill enhancement system – immerse yourself in the balance of Yin and Yang
  • Oriental-inspired art style

Perfect World Mobile will be available in the US this fall, and you can pre-register by going to the official website here. Those who do so will receive exclusive bonuses when the game launches, and the more people that sign up pre-launch, the more bonuses everyone will get. See the full list on the site.

Also check out the new video below, which includes an interview with game producer Bai Xue.

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