The crowdfunding campaign for Mutant: Elysium is humming along nicely, having now earned over $75,000 in US dollars (the initial goal was $11,000). With two weeks to go, Free League Publishing has revealed a new and enticing stretch goal: a second campaign!

That’s correct, if Elysium does even better than it’s doing now, pledgers will get two books for the price of one. The additional campaign is called The Grey Death, and it will be available in PDF or hardcover form — if the goal is met, that is. The book is Goal 9, and Goal 6 has yet to be unlocked.

Mutant: Elysium is the third Mutant expansion, and the fourth Mutant game if they’re counted separately, with electrifying art by sci-fi artists Simon Stålenhag and Reine Rosenberg. While it’s intended to connect to the main game, it can also be played separately as its own experience.

In Elysium I, the Houses turn on each other and enclave workers begin to question their masters. After a violent confrontation, the ruling Houses create a force of judicators, with the authority to strike hard against anything that threatens order in the enclave.

You are one of these judicators. It is your duty to investigate crimes and impose the appropriate sentences. But never forget that your strongest loyalty is towards your family. You are the true heir of doom. When humanity sets foot on the surface again, it will be your House that leads the way into the new dawn. Your lineage. Your family.

  • ENCLAVE HUMANS – New rules for creating and playing enclave humans, including their web of contacts with rich and powerful allies.!
  • ELYSIUM I – A detailed description of Elysium I, the mother of all Elysium enclaves, including a full-color map.
  • GUARDIANS OF THE FALL – The complete campaign Guardians of the Fall, that will settle the final fate of the enclave.
  • ADAPTING TO LIFE IN THE ZONE – An overview of how the enclave humans can adapt to life in the Zone, and join the mutants, animals and robots of Mutant: Year Zero, Mutant: Genlab Alpha and Mutant: Mechatron!

With 14 days to go, Mutant: Elysium has succeeded beyond all expectations and will definitely be a product. Don’t dawdle, though….it’ll be gone before you know it. Support the campaign here.