The countdown to E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, has begun. Easily the biggest gaming convention of the year in regards to announcements, reveals, and excited gamers looking on to their favorite companies to see what they can expect for not only this year, but the years beyond.

This year is a crucial E3 for all three big companies. Both Sony and Nintendo are looking to fill the holes left by the delaying of their big titles in Uncharted 4 and Legend of Zelda Wii U. While Microsoft is hoping to bolster its lineup and try to make up some ground on Sony’s PS4 for console sales. If reports are true, a key part of that will be unveiling a new IP at the show.

Phil Spencer himself tweeted the following:

“We should have new exclusive IP at E3. I’m trying to make this E3 more about 1st party than past E3s.”

He went on,

“This is going to be a fun year,” he added. “I think it might be our best 1st party content year ever.”

That’s a bold statement, but in some ways not entirely unbelievable, between Halo 5: Guardians, Project Spark, and numerous other titles, Xbox One is really pushing its original IP’s. The question will be, what else will they release before the end of the year?