Microsoft has revealed a large number of games that will be available in the near future for the Xbox One through its ID@Xbox program. One of the biggest announcements was that the critically acclaimed 2D platformer Shovel Knight would be released on the console. The game has previously launched on PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U and is scheduled to releases on PlayStation branded consoles in April.

Also revealed was the fact that Wasteland 2 Game of the Year Edition will be heading to the Xbox One. The role-playing game was funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign and it a sequel to the hit game Wasteland, which served as the spiritual origins of the Fallout series. It originally launched in September, 2014 on a positive reception on PC. Other games include a free-to-play Magic the Gathering title called Magic Duels: Origins and Beyond Eyes.

The full list of the self-published games coming to the Xbox One can be seen at the bottom of the article, although Microsoft have also made clear that this is not a comprehensive list and that more than 1000 dev kits have been sent out to independent developers.

The ID@Xbox program was first announced in August of 2013 in response to criticism from gamers that the Xbox One would not offer enough support to independent developers. It was also a way to combat the large number of indie titles that were in development for the PlayStation 4. Developers who sign up to the program get development kits, technical documentation and access to all the features on the Xbox One, including achievements and Xbox SmartGlass.

Since its inception, it has generally been well received by developers despite some draconian limitations and had seen a number of high quality releases. These includes the likes of Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Super Time Force, Volgarr the Viking, Worms Battlegrounds, Thomas Was Alone and #IDARB.

Revealed ID@Xbox games:

  • Bedlam (RedBedlam)
  • Beyond Eyes (Team 17)
  • ClusterPuck 99 (PHL Collective)
  • Cuphead (Studio MDHR)
  • Earthlock: Festival of Magic (Snowcastle Games)
  • The Flame in the Flood (The Molasses Flood)
  • Fortified (Clapfoot Games)
  • Game 4 (The Behemoth)
  • Goat Simulator (Double Eleven)
  • LA Cops (Team 17)
  • Magic Duels: Origins(Wizards of the Coast)
  • Mighty No. 9 (Comcept)
  • Pixel Galaxy (Serenity Forge)
  • R.B.I. Baseball (
  • Rivals of Aether (Dan Fornace)
  • Shadow Blade: Reload (Dead Mage)
  • Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games)
  • SMITE (Hi-Rez Studios)
  • Submerged (Uppercut Games)
  • Super Dungeon Bros (React! Games)
  • SWORDY (Frogshark)
  • The Sun and Moon (Digerati Distribution and Marketing)
  • ZHEROS (Rimlight Studios)