Tim Burton’s Batman was revolutionary when it was first released in 1989, by virtue of simply being a comic book movie that took its universe seriously. The public perception of comics at the time was that they were childish, goofy and stupid, and previous TV and film adaptations did nothing to dispel that belief. But here was Michael Keaton, dressed in black, the coolest man in the world, growling “AH’M BATMAANNN”….the world would never be the same.

Those who experienced the Keaton Batman under this context will always have a soft spot for him, which is why it’s great news that he could be reprising the role in an upcoming DC movie. It’s great until you think about it for a second or two…”wait a minute, what? Isn’t he a bit…old?”

Keaton isn’t exactly reprising THE Batman. He’ll be appearing as A Batman….probably the ’89 one, but many years later. You see, this is a movie based around The Flash, and if you watch the CW series, you know the kind of trouble he gets in by speeding through time and space and inadvertently messing with it. The movie is said to be adapting Flashpoint, the comic book storyline where Flash made the MOST trouble.

Keaton has gotten the chance to play other superheroes in recent years….he was the focus point of the Academy Award-winning Birdman, and was excellent as The Vulture in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Having him don the ears again is a treat.