Bad Habit Productions, in cooperation with several other indie game studios, is releasing Marble It Up! to PC today. It’s a game in the spirit of Marble Madness and other physics-based puzzle games like it….guide a marble through an exotic boxy world, avoiding pitfalls and traps to reach a set goal.

Marble games are still a rarity to this day, for the simple reason that marbles don’t make for flashy video game protagonists. That’s why Sega had to enlarge their marbles to a size that a monkey could fit inside. And it’s why the marbles you can kick around in Marble It Up! come in flashy designer colors.

What sets Marble It Up! apart from other sphere guidance puzzlers is this: the ability to make your own courses. Create the most diabolical marble traps ever, then upload them and challenge your friends! You can race against ghost marbles that mark your best time, as well as the best times of others. And with the ability to play user-created levels from strangers, the possibilities are endless.

Jump, boost and roll through 50 awesome levels of kinetic platforming puzzles with custom-built marble physics, racing the clock past moving platforms, icy terrain, gravity-bending surfaces and more. Grab power-ups to launch into the air, slow time and glide to the finish line through mind-bendingly psychedelic worlds, discovering secret collectibles and unlocking stunning new marbles.

Marble It Up! is available now on Steam for $19.99. It comes in both PC and Mac versions.