Last July, Titan Studios released a sandbox survival game called Creative Destruction — and the title says it all. Though your main goal is to survive, the more immediate (and fun) task is to DESTROY! The environments in Creative Destruction are full of destructible items you can use, abuse and wreck.

Creative Destruction is a big hit for Titan, racking up over 20 million downloads in just a few months. It’s ranked in the Top 10 download charts of over 50 countries, and now it’s received its first important update.

This update improves the graphics with a new rendering system and light effects. The maps that exist have been redone and some new ones have also been added: forests, hills, mountainous regions and deserts are now part of the game — and fully destroyable.

  • Massive HD 4×4 HD map
  • 13 different enchanted lands
  • Build, break, or defend with the unique workshop system
  • Unlock TPS or FPS mode
  • Survive in a fast-paced 100 player deathmatch
  • Fun and wacky weapons to shoot such as flamethrowers and bowling bombs

It’s not too late to join in — Creative Destruction is available now on the App Store and Google Play.

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