Polish game makers MGP Studios have announced their latest, Sand is the Soul, will be hitting computers via Steam this November.

As far as game genre mashups go, this is a cool one. Sand is the Soul mixes the gothic vibe of Castlevania with the fast-paced combat of mid-90s fighting games and the morality system of more modern adventure titles.

In the Victorian city of Crosshill, you play as a diplomatic messenger/courier with an assignment to deliver vital documents. Whether you do so or not is up to you, and your choice will affect the game’s story — and who comes to beat you up.

  • Gloomy post-punk Victorian setting
  • Challenging skill driven combat system
  • Total control over your story — Follow or abandon missions, choose to fight or be diplomatic.
  • Unique morality system where even the most mundane choices have real consequences.
  • Branching storyline with 30 possible outcomes.
  • Multiple paths and solutions create abundant possibilities every playthrough.
  • A New Game Plus Mode that allows players to carry over stats, weapons, and other items into an even more challenging world which reflects your prior experiences.
  • Dynamic soundtrack that changes as you play.

Sand is the Soul sure looks intriguing. Watch for it to land on Steam November 15.