Uncork’d doesn’t come out with family-targeted films very often, so when they announced My Pet Dinosaur, we were expecting something like a virtual reality competition where convicted criminals have to battle dinosaurs in a desert. Nope, we had it wrong. This is a cuddly, kid-focused romp about a boy and his prehistoric lizard.

After an experiment gone wrong, a young boy named Jake makes a new friend. When his new lovable pet begins growing larger and larger, it becomes hard for Jake to keep the mischievous creature a secret. While continuing to grow the animal starts some chaos around town causing the military start looking for their missing dinosaur. Now Jake and his friends must save their ‘pet’ in this heartwarming tale of friendship, mystery and adventure.

My Pet Dinosaur is an Australian film that Uncork’d is bringing over. It stars Jordan Dulieu, Annabel Wolfe, Christopher Gabardi (The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years) and Tiriel Mora (Farscape), and was written and directed by Matt Drummond.

My Pet Dinosaur will be available on DVD starting November 6. Look for it at — where else — Wal-Mart.