A new Roguelike RPG has arrived on Steam, and it’s one that will test you in some interesting ways. For this isn’t just a regular RPG world, it’s one that is “Dieselpunk”, and that can only mean one thing, you’ll be racing around to fight gods and monsters that were awoken by nuclear war!

The only way to stop this is by finding the literal Mad Crown, an artifact from the ancient world that can wipe out the leviathans, potentially. The truth is that no one truly knows its power, but you’ll have to take that chance to save the world.

Here’s a little more on the game from the developers:

“Mad Crown features challenging turn-based combat with an integrated card system that creates a deep tactical combat system. Outside of combat, the roguelike dungeon crawling will thrill fans of the genre and when you’ve lost enough party members and health, return to town to recover and buy supplies for your quest to obtain the Mad Crown.

The game’s party system allows players to take a variety of characters out on their adventures. With a class system that brings diversity as well as a robust equipment and loot system, players can customize their party members to their liking in both skills and stats.”

The game is available now on Steam.