Dr. Spock is arguably the most iconic Star Trek character of all time, with his pointy ears, Sam Donaldson eyebrows, and biological devotion to cold rationality. The Vulcan’s shoes aren’t easy to fill, especially considering how synonymous Leonard Nimoy was in the role.

So much so that when a replacement Spock was finally cast — Zachary Quinto in JJ Abrams’ rebooted cinematic Trek universe — the original Spock appeared anyway, explained as a dimension-hopping accident. Nimoy would get to play his most famous character two more times before ascending to Vulcan Heaven, finally necessitating the recasting of another Spock.

Today Paramount and CBS announced Spock #3 has at last been chosen. This Spock is meant to appear on Star Trek Discovery, which takes place before the original series, so he’ll have to be younger. Enter Ethan Peck, grandson of Gregory Peck.

“Who?” you might say, even after we explained his lineage. Yeah, he hasn’t had a fruitful acting career so far. he was in the “10 Things I Hate About You” TV series. He was on a few episodes of Madame Secretary. He showed up on a CW Seed show called “I Ship It.” He’s never had a big break, but this could be it — assuming he has the nuance to play a character who feels no emotions yet can effectively carry the weight of a scene. Spock is pretty tricky as an acting job when you think about it.

Peck will appear as Spock in Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery, now under production for CBS All Access.

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