The Spanish studio Loftur Studio announced today that Kofi Quest: Alpha Mod, its not-so-serious RTS and Action RPG adventure, is now available on Steam. Born from the eponymous web series, Kofi Quest: Alpla Mod tells the story of Kofi, a young man who lives his life as a videogame character being a weak wretch who will be involved in a surreal adventure full of absurd comedy.

The game is priced at €19.90, to which Loftur Studios has added a 15% discount, and has announced its release with a new launch trailer.

This game, which was successfully funded in kickstarter last June, is the first project of the studio whose director, Jesus “Jesulink” García Ferrer, has already reaped several successes on other platforms such as his Raruto comics and 5 Elements. “Something interesting in the world of Kofi is that the characters are aware of being part of a video game and this is one of the pillars on which the story is based,” explains Jesulink. “Our goal with Kofi Quest: Alpha Mod is to offer an interactive experience full of humor. It is our first commercial video game, and we have worked for several years listening to players to improve the game. ”

A game with a great narrative force designed to get all your laughs around a huge map to explore, get treasures, meet new characters, perform side missions and, ultimately, live an incredible story from the hand of the most vague and thug protagonist of the videogame.

View the trailer below: