I’ve been informed by Triangle Studios, the makers of the game we’re about to talk about, that its title is intended to be reproduced with almost no capitalization, just like k.d. lang’s name. So now, we introduce you to It came from space and ate our brains remastered.

Triangle first published a game called It came from space and ate our brains in 2015. Then, as is now, it was a top-down survival shooter that required you to eliminate hordes of advancing aliens as quickly as possible. Triangle is now relaunching the game on modern systems, and they’re including improvements like updated graphics, new co-op campaign missions, a rebalance of the difficulty and more.

And no matter which system you own, there’s a version of It came from space and ate our brains remastered for you. Find it starting today on Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, XBox One and PC.

It came from space and ate our brains is a top-down horde survival shooter game from Triangle Studios first published in 2015 and now returning with major overhauls. The game’s relaunch includes new features and an updated system allows players to boost high scores even higher. The game features six co-op campaign missions for four players, an upbeat soundtrack to jam to, a re-done interface, re-balanced difficulty, and upgraded graphics.