Kingdom Death is a tactical RPG board game where the goal is survival. You and your friends play members of a tribe that lives in a harsh world full of monsters, and the only way to stay above ground is to fight and kill those monsters to gather the resources their bodies provide. Now it’s back with a new revised version on Kickstarter.

One thing that makes Kingdom Death notable is that the original Kickstarter that sprung it into the world was one of the most successful tabletop crowdfunding campaigns ever, with over $2 million raised before closing. This one is doing even better — in fact, it’s already raised over twice as much as the first did, currently boasting $5 million in funding. And the campaign is nowhere near close to done!

It’s a good thing that Kingdom Death has no trouble selling online, because the original box turned out to weigh so much that retail stores couldn’t stock it on their shelves. The game makers have no intention of changing that practice and plan to pack Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 with over 17 pounds’ worth of cards, lavish artwork, and beautifully rendered figures. In addition to the brutal difficulty (which some people can’t get enough of), the art is another reason Kingdom Death attracts fans.

If you want to start your own Kingdom Death game, the clock has plenty of time left: 39 days as of this writing. Join the crowd here.