While my husband and I were hanging out with some friends, the discussion drifted towards our respective cats. They had mentioned one of their cats absolutely loving an app on their iPad and whipped it out to demonstrate. Sure enough, the cat went nuts for it. Staring intently and pouncing.

Obviously, being as doofy as I am, I wanted to see what our cats did with the marvel of technology. Our two contestants are Max and Patches. Our two apps are Game for Cats and Fun and Games for Cats. There were other apps tested for the sake of being thorough, but they were terrible, so I’m not going to spend time on them.

Contestant #1, Max, was eliminated for his unwillingness to participate in the competition, I assume in protest of the paralysis caused by the extreme partisanship in our government.

Contestant #2, Patches, was much more willing to participate and gave both apps a thorough work out.  I should preface this by mentioning that Patches was an outdoor cat and likes to hunt. He once caught a pigeon in mid-flight.

No iPads were damaged during this test. Or cats.


Game for Cats (By Nathan Murray, Little Hiccup)

Game for Cats comes with three levels. In one, a laser pointer moves across the screen, in the other two, a butterfly and a mouse. Patches is entirely uninterested in either the laser pointer or the butterfly. He will, however, play around with the mouse level.


  • He enjoys how quickly the mouse moves and the way its tail whips around. He’ll pounce a lot and watch intently for a time even when he’s not.
  • The app keeps score of how many times he catches the mouse and that total can be posted to facebook.


  • He gets bored because the mouse doesn’t make noise.
  • Because of the way the iPad works you can sometimes swipe between apps. Sometimes Patches will pounce the mouse and swipe out of the program. D’oh.
Here’s someone else’s cat playing Game for Cats:


Fun and Games for Cats (By Martine Carlsen)
Fun and Games for Cats comes with the PiCATso Paint App, Catch Games and Cat Music Games. The Catch Game has four modes: Mouse, Koi Pond, Spider and Butterfly. Once again, Patches has no interest in anything other than the mouse game.


  • So long as you, yourself, are not disgusted by mice and rats, this one does seem to be a little more geared towards the cats.
  • The mouse scurries about. Its ears and tail move a little more convincingly.
  • It makes mouse-like noises and squeaks when the cat “catches” it.
  • Because of the above, it did keep Patches’ attention for much longer.


  • The mouse moves much slower than the other app.
  • Has the same swiping problem as the other app when played with enthusiastically by your cat.
  • The mouse is more mouse-like and may be a turn off for owners who have a strong aversion to actual mice.


  • Patches may not like the Cat Music Game, but I’m oddly fascinated by it.  The game involves a row of instruments in the background and kittens floating and swimming across the screen. When you catch them, they begin to play the instruments. When all of the cats are playing instruments, a kitten holding the microphone flashes past the screen. It’s far from the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. But, it is an interesting little mind screw and is further proof that I might be a human-sized cat.

Here is someone else’s cat playing Fun and Games for Cats:


The Winner: Fun and Games for Cats 

The game kept Patches’ attention for much longer and made me question reality with Cat Music Game. There’s no true need to own either app, but if you would like to do something with your cat that doesn’t involve it silently mocking you as you run to fetch the ball you had tossed with the intention of it fetching, this might be some fun. Both games are available on iTunes or directly through the App Store on your iPad.

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