ThunderKnight Entertainment LTD and AEC Studios have announced production has begun on “The Initiation,” a new indie horror film starring Primetime Emmy nominee Naomi Grossman (American Horror Story).

St. Elzears College is a place full of secrets, some deadlier than others. Professor Daniel Kimmer is in a sweat, fearing his illicit affair will be exposed after a campus-wide investigation starts into student-teacher relations. Little does he know that it’s worse: the student he picked was actually a witch, dedicated to destroying marriage and other foundations of society (Daniel himself is married….but it’s on the rocks, for reasons that are becoming clear).

And some of the campus witches aren’t even as “nice” as his fling was….a character named Cypress is described as “a powerful and menacing warlord whose only satisfaction in life is destruction and death.” Grossman plays Lillian Know, otherwise referred to as “the High Priest of the Siren Society of Satan.” Daniel wants to get out of this mess, but he’s pretty knee-deep in it.

In addition to Grossman, “The Initiation” will star Jimmy Drain as Daniel, Vernon Wells (Weird Science, The Road Warrior) as Cypress, Mel Novak (Bruce Lee’s Game of Death, An Eye for An Eye), Monique Candelaria (Breaking Bad), London Grace, and somewhere, rapper T.O.N.E.-Z.

Drain and Ty M.C. wrote the screenplay to “The Initiation,” and it’ll be directed by Brian McCulley. No release date has been revealed yet.