IDW Publishing announced this week that they’re adapting the Stephen King novel Sleeping Beauties into a ten-issue graphic novel, with illustrations by Alison Sampson.

There are a lot of Stephen King books out there. You probably haven’t heard of this one, and neither have I. The official description states “Sleeping Beauties explores a world where women have sunken into a deep, cocooned slumber, their dreams taking them to an idyllic other place. They can only wake if disturbed, which results in violent, feral behavior. Meanwhile, the men have inherited the Earth, their society devolving into barbarism.” Well, that sucks…..

“We are so excited about Rio and Alison’s vision for Sleeping Beauties,” says co-writer Owen King. “We’ve been fans of Rio’s for years and Alison’s artwork is simply extraordinary. IDW couldn’t have found a better pairing.”

“I’m thrilled to be able to work on Sleeping Beauties,” says Sampson. “The story is very suggestive for interesting art, with magical themes interwoven through a very real place setting in Appalachia, and the opportunity to draw some truly diverse people. Places, spaces, gender, bodies, character, relationships, political themes, emotions, a challenging (and almost certainly innovative) design job, and a great story – it’s all here. I cannot wait to share what we are making.”

The first issue of Sleeping Beauties will launch in early 2020 at comic shops everywhere.