This weekend NetEase and Behaviour Digital announced that Identity V would soon incorporate the asymmetrical survival gameplay of Dead by Daylight. Wait, what’d we just say? Here’s what that means in English…

First off, an asymmetrical survival horror game is the type where one person plays a monster and the other players try to avoid/defeat that monster. Think Friday the 13th for the PC. Dead By Daylight is a successful horror game that belongs to the asymmetrical genre.

Identity V is a popular survival horror game in China, for mobile phones. This news means the multiplayer mechanics of Dead By Daylight will be featured in Identity V soon. So how’s this relevant to us? Because this game is also coming to the US soon, presumably with Dead By Daylight already grafted into it.

“We are excited to see the genre of asymmetrical multiplayer games, popularized by Dead by Daylight, grow globally. Alex and I are pleased to be invited as game consultants for Identity V. We will be providing input and advice to help its global success,” said Mathieu Côté, Game Director of Behaviour Digital (the developer of Dead By Daylight).

“I’m glad to cooperate with Mathieu and Alex, the asymmetrical multiplayer games’ experts from Behaviour. Identity V is going on global. I hope there will be more players enjoying this game,” said Sylar Pan, product manager

Identity V is pretty popular in its home country, ranked 1st on the Chinese Free Game list. There is no specific release date yet for the title, but it is coming soon.