Crytek’s online multiplayer bounty hunting game, Hunt: Showdown, has received its first post-launch update. For now the update is exclusive to the PC version.

A requested Stay-In-Lobby feature has been added with this update, as has a new inventory item called the Choke Bomb which will put out most fires…though you might want to throw it from a distance as your Hunter WILL start coughing if they inhale the smoke, and other Hunters will hear. Also look for the Bornheim Nr 3 Match, adjustments to AI, UI and localization, and these Legendary weapons:

The Legendary weapons arriving with Update 1.1 include an elegantly detailed Romero 77 called the Southern Belle, as well as Sins of the Son, a brutal and bloody Romero 77. In addition to these two new weapons, 1.1 brings three Legendary DLC items: the Last Gust, a Legendary Winfield M1873 Swift rifle, and two new Legendary characters: Phantom and Llorona’s Heir. The Last Gust DLC can be purchased for 3.99 USD/EUR, while the Phantom and Llorona’s Heir DLCs can be purchased for 4.99 USD/EUR each.

In Hunt: Showdown you’re a gun-toting hunter in nineteenth-century Louisiana, and you’re knee-deep in a swamp swarming with more than just alligators. Deadly monsters roam around these parts, and their hides fetch a pretty penny. But it’s not just them you have to watch out for — it’s every hunter for themselves, and the others have no qualms with eliminating the competition!

That’s why it’s better to play in teams of two or three, though you can brave Hunt: Showdown solo if you want. The Classic Mode is meant for teams, but the Quick Play mode is good for a match alone as everyone scavenges for a diminishing reward.

Hunter: Showdown is available on PC and XBox One.

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