The latest Humble Bundle has been announced, featuring games that are available for PC and Android mobile devices. The bundle features a total of seven games, although four are locked behind the “beat the average” paywall.

The three pay-what-you-want games include the music action game Symphony, adventure title Draw a Stickman: Epic and the quick paced strategy game Galcon Legends. As part of the purchase, you will also receive the multiplayer version of the game Galcon Fusion.

The Humble Bundle 10 also includes Metal Slug 3, the tower defence game Fieldrunners 2 and the turn based strategy title Skulls of the Shogun as well as the tactical simulator Breach & Clear.

The website claims that buying all of these games individually would cost $99, so the Humble Bundle comes in at a significant saving.

As is normal with Humble Bundle collections you can choose how your purchase is split between the selected charities, the developers and the site itself. The charities that you can choose to support are the Electric Frontier Foundations and Child’s Play.

Most of the games also include DRM free soundtracks and you can choose to download the games on Android, PC, Mac and Linux. The bundle will be available for two weeks, with further games added in the second week. Paying more than $1 will also ensure that you receive Steam keys for all of the titles.

As of right now, the total payments have surpassed $300,000 while the average purchase is sitting at $4.86. Remember that the average price fluctuates and if you want the extra games, or the ones that will be added next week, you will have to beat that price. We’ll ensure to update you next when the additional games are announced.

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