It’s been a long time, but Gearbox Software’s acclaimed real-time space strategy series is finally getting a new installment. Homeworld 3 was announced by Gearbox during their PAX West panel this afternoon. The Homeworld series is renowned for its gigantic space battles, utilizing gigantic warships on a three-dimensional plane.

It’s been almost twenty years since the first Homeworld, developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sierra. The franchise has changed hands over the years; Gearbox picked it up from THQ in 2013. Rumors have persisted since then of another game, but Gearbox never confirmed them until now. The most recent action Homeworld has gotten is the prequel Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak in 2016, but it was not a true sequel. Blackbird Interactive were the developers of Deserts of Kharak, and they’re also in charge of this one.

Here’s the twist, however: Homeworld 3 will be partially crowdfunded. They’re doing it through Fig, which is a bit different from Kickstarter in that contributors have the opportunity to make an actual investment in the game ($500 a share if you’re curious).

“Our first priority is to deliver a game that immediately looks, sounds, and feels like Homeworld,” says Garbox on the Fig page. “We aim to nail that incredible scale of space and conflict and deliver a powerful story that picks up just at the end of Homeworld 2. Of course, Homeworld 3 will deliver best-in-class fleet combat in fully-3D space. You can also expect multiplayer options, which is one of the features Fig supporters will have a chance to meaningfully influence.”

Homeworld 3 is still early in development and Gearbox hasn’t decided which platforms will get it, but the PC is a given. Just….be prepared in case Epic Games swoops in at the last minute again.

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