We’ve discussed cover albums of video game tunes plenty of times on this site, but they’ve usually been made by fans of those works, not the creators themselves. The Unbreakable Unity is something special: an original album from famed Japanese game composer Hiroki Kikuta. That’s the guy responsible for the entire Secret of Mana soundtrack!

Now Kikuta is back with The Unbreakable Unity, a 40-minute album of new melodic content created in the spirit of SNES soundtracks. When we say 40 minutes, we mean the entire album is just one track that’s over a half-hour in length. But its ambience and use of woodwinds are meant to evoke the classic soundtrack of the Mana series. And it’s by Kikuta, so how can you go wrong?

“The distinctive SNES sound was a result of hardware specifications,” notes Hiroki Kikuta. “To tell the truth, it reminds of the many laborious days I spent on this music in the past. However, I recently found anew that the SNES sound is extremely important for people who played RPGs in the ’90s. Many become happy when they hear this good old SNES sound. I enjoy it, too! So I decided to create new SNES music that is fresh yet nostalgic!”

The Unbreakable Unity: Memory of Nostalgic S-NES Sound is available now on Bandcamp.

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