Gwent, the card game from The Witcher series that spun off into its own separate game, is about to receive its third expansion. CD Projekt Red announced Iron Judgment today, and gave it a date of October 3.

The expansion was revealed during the latest Gwent Masters tournament — the game’s official esports series. Pro Gwent players from around the world are currently competing for a shot at a $100,000 prize pool. This weekend Serghei “magpie131” Sorochin from Moldova was the latest victor, winning a spot in the Gwent World Masters grand finale.

But you came here to read about Iron Judgment. The expansion will add over 80 new cards to Gwent, spanning all the game’s many factions….you can also look forward to new Armor-based mechanics, keywords, and abilities. Details are light at this moment.

But we sure do know what the pre-order incentive is, natch. The Iron Judgement Pre-Order Pack will contain 25 Iron Judgment Premium Kegs, each with expansion-only animated cards, an Iron Judgment-themed game board and animated card back, and the Radovid, Protector of the North leader skin.

Centered around the return of King Radovid V as well as some of the greatest battles in all of Witcher lore, Iron Judgement will introduce over 80 cards to the game, bolstering all of GWENT’s factions. The expansion will also equip gamers with a fresh set of tools to wage war with, including new Armor-based mechanics, keywords, and abilities.

Watch for Gwent’s Iron Judgment expansion later this fall.

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