Gwent, the card game from The Witcher series that spun off into its own separate game, has now received its third expansion. CD Projekt Red originally announced Iron Judgment would be live October 3, but has decided to release it a day early.

Iron Judgment scatters over 80 new cards across Gwent’s playable factions, and adds several new gameplay mechanics, including Armor (which protects units from damage…duh), Defender (which fortifies a player’s ranks), and the keywords Barricade and Rxposed, which produce different tactical scenarios depending on your unit’s current Armor status. You also gain the ability to use King Radovid V as the leader of the Northern Realms faction.

What else is new? A special Arena Mode event, where the only cards available for drafting are the ones CDPR just added to the game. All-new strategies are required — you’re all equally green at this! Log into GWENT before 11:59 PM on October 8 and you’ll get five free cards from Iron Judgment, along with the chance to purchase the Game of Kings Pack in the shop.

Centered around the return of King Radovid V as well as some of the greatest battles in all of Witcher lore, Iron Judgement will introduce over 80 cards to the game, bolstering all of GWENT’s factions. The expansion will also equip gamers with a fresh set of tools to wage war with, including new Armor-based mechanics, keywords, and abilities.

Iron Judgment is now available as a free content update for Gwent on all systems.


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