Have your D&D campaigns been suffering from a lack of deities lately? Spice things up with the Gods And Goddesses: Redux Campaign from Jetpack7. It contains 35+ player options and spells, built-in mini-adventures that should fit snugly into your campaigns, and a fancy cover to wrap it all up.

The best part will be the art — Jetpack7 promises a ton of it. Take a gander at this beauty:

Gods and Goddesses already came out once, but demand promoted a reprint — which required a new crowdfunding campaign. And while they were doing that, Jetpack7 figured they might as well revise and enhance the book with a ton of new content:

  •  Up to 4 new gods (depending on stretch goals).
  • New mini-campaigns related to deities. We have four written so far, and more possible with stretch goals.
  •  More player options beyond the cleric and paladin builds from the first edition (so far, we have a ranger, a warlock, and a monk).
  •  Temple maps and descriptions (depending on stretch goals).
  •  Open Gaming Content (OGL) backer submissions of a deity (depending on stretch goals).
  •  A Commissioned likenesses pledge level. (Immortal)
  •  More magic items.
  •  More divine critters.
  •  New NPCs.
  •  Voter’s choice cover art for the hardback and softcover (depending on stretch goals).
  •  More interior art.

The Kickstarter for Gods And Goddesses: Redux Campaign is in its home stretch. It’s been fully funded, but needs your help to reach a few of those stretch goals. A PDF of the book costs a $16 pledge. $20 gets you a paperback copy, and $40 gets you the hardcover. If you already have the original book, you can make a lesser pledge to get just the expansion content in PDF form.

Check out the Gods And Goddesses: Redux Campaign here.


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