Battlefield 1 took a big risk by rewinding the clock and setting the game in World War I. But, it turned out for the best, as critics and fans have loved the fresh experience. And now, the team at DICE are working on the next expansion of that. At Gamescom 2017, Battlefield 1 Incursions was revealed.

This intense new mode focuses players into 5v5 matches, where every point matters, and there’s only a certain amount of battlefield you can play on. Players will have to be smart both individually and as a team to ensure that they come out on top.

DICE has been working with the community itself to ensure that the game is made in a quality way, and they’re already amazed by how much the community has influenced what they’ve done with it. Their goal is to work with the gaming community right up until launch.

Though the expansion doesn’t have an official release window, an Alpha for the game will release in September.

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