Camelot make a triumphant return in the 3DS’s first Mario sports title, head inside for the full lowdown…

Publisher:                    Nintendo Ltd.

Developer:                   Camelot

Platform:                      Nintendo 3DS

Genre:                         Sports

Players:                       1 Offline / 4 Online

Release Date:              Japan                    May 24th  2012

                                    North America        May 20th 2012

                                    Europe                  May 25th 2012

Rating:                         Japan                    CERO: A

                                    North America        ESRB: E

                                    Europe                  PEGI: 7


Mario Serves Up Portable Tennis Fun in 3D In Mario Tennis Open, Mario and his Mushroom Kingdom friends return to the court for a flurry of intense tennis action, from engaging singles and doubles matches to skill-building minigames and online play. Using the built-in wireless features of the Nintendo 3DS system, up to four people can play together in local* or online** multiplayer modes and exchange player information via StreetPass. Players can choose between intuitive Touch Screen and gyro sensor controls or strategic button-based gameplay that delivers an even deeper experience. Players can also choose from a variety of playable characters or use their own personalized Mii character as they serve, volley and smash their way up the leaderboards.


  • As many as four players can connect online with their friends for singles or doubles matches. Additionally, Open Match mode can automatically pair players of comparable skill levels. Nintendo 3DS owners who are near each other can also face off via a local wireless connection, even if only one player has a Mario Tennis Open game card.
  • Strategy is key as players execute lobs and drop shots or unleash powerful topspin to outlast their opponents in intense rallies. When Chance Areas appear on the court during a match, players can run to them to execute a supercharged Chance Shot. Intuitive Touch Screen controls allow players to easily and skillfully perform different swings. Players can also choose to use the motion controls of the Nintendo 3DS system to precisely shoot to the left or the right in order to ace their opponents.
  • Using the Nintendo 3DS system’s StreetPass feature, Mario Tennis Open players can exchange and show off their customized Mii characters and incorporate them into minigame challenges or competitive singles matches. They can also exchange win-loss records and view online leaderboards of their registered Friends, or share their current win streak with anyone.

* Additional Nintendo 3DS systems are required for local multiplayer mode.
** Broadband Internet access is required for online play.



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