Players who are picking up Forza 7 on October 3 when it releases worldwide will have to spend some time downloading a day-one patch. The initial download will be around 50GB in size and will complement the 45GB of data that is already on the physical disc. Developer Turn 10 said:

“We’ve called this our biggest game, and the numbers bear it out: more than 700 cars at launch, 32 of the world’s greatest tracks (our largest lineup ever), a massive career in the Forza Driver’s Cup, and of course a huge list of ever-changing multiplayer and competitive modes that will keep players busy no matter their skill level or driving preferences. This is the largest game we’ve ever released in terms of sheer footprint size as well.”

Those who can’t get online to download the patch will still be able to play the game but certain features will not be unlocked. These include unlocks from playing the Forza Driver’s Cup. There are also some features that will not be turned on until after launch, such as the Auction House, which will slowly be turned on in the weeks following its release.

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