[CASTING CALLS] Wild Hunters Sign-Ups/OOC

(Note:This is not the same Roleplay as Ultra Frontier: Wild Hunters. This is a Shonen Anime styled Fantasy Western)

Plot: Welcome to Grand Prairie. On Grand Prairie there are ruins left by an ancient civilization. Inside these ruins there are many artifacts but no more precious then Strikers weapons of great power. With the discovery of the Strikers people intent on finding them started calling themselves Hunters and started braving the dangers of Grand Prairie. This is the story of a group of Hunters destined to change Grand Prairie forever: The Wild Hunters!


No Godmoding

Mild Swearing is permitted but cursing is not allowed. (More of a guideline then a rule)

There is no minimum of sentences but the maximum is three paragraphs.

NPC's and Villains are playable by everyone.

Only one character per person

Some notes:

Strikers the Weapons Hunters use come in many varieties.
Twin Pistols: These strikers come in pairs and and are named after opposites and shoots energy bullets. Example: Gold and Silver

Swords: These strikers are usually Elemental based and are named after Mythical Creatures. Example: Salamander

Staffs: These strikers allow the wielder to cast magic. They are named after the Greek Gods.

Spears: These strikers are named after Norse Gods.

Knuckles: These strikers are armored gloves that increase the power of their wielders punches. They are named after Japanese Gods.

Axes: Like swords these Strikers are Elemental based but are named after Demons.

Hammers: These strikers increase the physical of their wielders. They are named after South American Gods.

Bows: Like Swords and Axes these are Elemental based strikers that shoots out arrows of a particular element. They are named after Constellations.

Classes of Hunters:

Blade Gunman: Uses a combo of Twin Pistol and Sword Strikers.

Steal Swords: Uses twin sword strikers.

Spell Shockers: Uses Staff Strikers.

Dream Jumpers: Uses Spear Strikers.

Knucklemen: Use Knuckle Strikers.

Choppers: Use Axe Strikers.

Hammermen: Use Hammer Strikers.

Bowyers: Uses Bow Strikers.

Hunters ride on Raptor like creatures called Desert Clawers

Sign Up Skeleton:

Race: (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Beastman)
Age: (Minimum age required to become a Hunter is 17)

My Character:

Name: Grant
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 17
Class: Blade Gunman
Personality: Nice, Hotheaded, Likes to take naps, Like Soda, Doesn't like to see the strong bullying the weak, Strong sense of Justice.
Strikers: Twin Pistols: Gold and Silver, Sword: Salamander
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Name: Caunion
Gender: male
Age: 18
Class:Steal Swords
Personality:loves spooky and gory things but has a weakness for cute
Striker(s):zenko (celestial) & yako (dark)
Name: Aaron
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Age: 20
Class: Knuckleman
Personality: Stubborn. While not stupid prefers to go for simple solutions and dislikes people who make things unnecessary complicated
Striker(s): Ryūjin (Right) and Suijin (Left)
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I feel that one more person is needed to start. I prefer that person to make a female character. People are still welcome to join after the RP is started.
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Name: Georgie Watkins
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 34
Class: Bowyer
Personality: Georgie loves to innovate and create when she lays her hands on things. She's as close to a gearhead as you can be, always tinkering with simple machines and weapons in her spare time. She maintains a calm and laid back demeanor and is slow to anger, with very few things able to truly cheese her off. She's habitually assists others needs, and usually puts their lives above her own, often to a fault.
Striker(s): Ol' Henry (Compound bow tempered with steel and wood, handcrafted by my character.)

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