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  • Good Luck! If started a Digimon or Sentai or Kamen Rider RP forum would you be interested in joining?
    LOL when it comes to saying the team name that is all you. That's ok to control dude but I mean controlling the henshin is a big deal to me :p.
    So ummm there is this Ryuki rp and we sorta need people would you wanna join it? It is run by akaranger he is new and I've yet to see how good he is XD
    Lolz this is a total coincidence but Ryo and genji have the same last name XD if you want they can be brothers but if ya don't want then that's fine as well.
    is it because of the fact your doing a Dragon Rider-like RP? when most of the boards are Kamen Rider Styled. okay?
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