[Anime] What would the future Pretty cure anniversary crossover (possibly 20th anniversary) look like?

If there is going to be an upcoming anniversary crossover film from pretty cure which is considered long running even though I am not sure if it is going strong or about to decline since it might be Bandai’s long running franchise (along with toei animation) since Hasbro's long run with My little pony.

I am going to give my take on what it is going to be a 20th anniversary crossover movie team up with the possible future current Pretty cure team and the first original Pretty cure team from the 2004-2005 series. It will be similar like the Kamen rider -1 film (the one which is about new armored but older kamen rider 1 team up with ghost) but it will mainly focus on the return of the original but older pretty cure team Nagisa and Honoka aka cure black and cure white where they will either be senior high school students or young adults

For senior high school students it will have Nagisa and Honoka now senior high school students as they are excited about graduation but are worried about their future as their childhood days are coming to and end as they are about to become adults.

For Young Adults ,It will have Nagisa and Honoka now responsible adults in their jobs and are about to get married to their boyfriends but worried about their future as they will no longer be young but old responsible adult like their parents.

Either way Nagisa and Honoka will once again encounter their old friends Mipple and Mepple who are now panicked as their old nemesis the Dark King has returned along with the resurrected Dusk zone army as they might have been resurrected by the current Pretty cure villains who wants to team up with them to conquer the world.

Nagisa and Honoka will encounter the current pretty cure team as they are amazed that they meet the originals after the meeting between ‘rookies and the eldest’ they encounter the armies of both the Dusk zone and the current pretty cure enemies.

The current cure team transform but are outmatched ,So Mipple and Mepple give Nagisa and Honoka their powers back making the girls once again as Cure white and Black (for the senior high school version:their costumes would be similar but upgraded but for young adults version,Their costumes will be updated versions of their original costumes) After they transform and receive their powers once again, Cure white and Black help their successors defeat the minions and as they found the location of where their revived enemies are, Cure black and white tell their successors to stay to avoid harm because their enemies are dangerous that they couldn’t handle.

Cure white and Black along with Mipple and Mepple fly towards the resurrected Dark King’s hideout and will defeat him once and for all however it was all a trap by the Dark king himself as it is a payback to them for his defeat but with the current cure villains improvement he not only captured Mipple and Mepple but also brainwashed Cure white and black into his minions to help him along with the cure villains plan to conquer the world.

Meanwhile the current cure team who disobey their elders rush to help them but they are surrounded by the brainwashed original cure team as they are forced to fight them while the cure fairy/creature friends secretly try to free Mipple and Mepple so they can stop cure white and black from their brainwashing,As the original Cure team is about to destroy the current cure team Mipple and Mepple use their magic to stop the original cure’s brainwashing and regain their minds.

After that the original cure team ask forgiveness to the the current cure team for attacking them due to the brainwashing by the dark king and not allowing them to come with them because of their judgement ,The current cure team forgive them and after that they once again team up old and new .

The original and current with their combined might defeated the dark King and their army once and for all while the current cure villains quickly retreat.

And with the dark king and his army once again destroyed ,Nagisa and Honoka once again give up their powers to Mipple and Mepple and say their goodbyes they felt satisfied for being pretty cure one more time before moving onto their lives and then give some wisdom advice and encouragement to the current cure team to protect the earth from evil .Listening to their elders advice the current cure team assures them that they won’t fail.

There will be a credit scene onwards

for the senior high school version- We see Nagisa and Honoka graduating from school where Honoka like a good hardworking student she is gives a speech to the school about the future and words of advice to the freshmen,The current cure team will also attend,After the graduation ceremony,The original and current cure team gather together for a group photo and then the last shot shows a picture of the original current team do a group hug.

For the young adults version-Nagisa and Honoka will have a double wedding with their boyfriends as they are soon going to be married ,The current cure team will attend as the bridesmaid or flower girls since they are the honorary guests for the wedding .After the wedding we see the wedding party where the guests along with the current cure’s friends and family attend celebrate as the credit and movie is about to end the last scene shows the original cures who are the brides throw their bouquet to the current cure team and then it change to an imaginary white scene where the original cure team morph to their original forms from the original series turn towards the current cure team in their transformed forms to remind them to continue their adventures where they left off as they walk away towards the light while the current cure team looked on with smiles of determination and then we fade to white.

That is what the future pretty cure anniversary team (or likely 20th anniversary movie) starring the first pretty cure team would look like,What do you think?

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