[Anime] My plot for a possible future pretty cure series with toyline

Hey,I know that Pretty cure a now long running Girls anime franchise by Bandai and Toei animation has magical girls and their pets and their magical small creatures to fight against an evil group who wants to use their evil propose to conquer the world.

But what happens If I make a plot for a future Pretty cure series but this time it won’t be about young girls turn into magical girls instead it will be about a young ordinary girl who commands magical girls instead to fight against the monsters think of it as a female version of Yo-kai Watch.Also the fairy creature will be the one who become the precure team and it should be entitled maybe ‘Control fairy Precure Let’s go!’

Okay on with a summary,

The series will take place in an alternate continuity instead of the regular pretty cure universe perhaps it is possible that pretty cure is a fictional series in this universe much like how digimon did with Digimon tamers, Anyway here is the plot

The female young protagonist named Kumiko who is just a middle school student and is fascinated with fairy creatures and magic ,One day she saw fairy creatures who are escaping from dark monster like minions ,She rescues them ,

After they escape from the dark creatures the fairies explain to her that they are the precure magical team and they come from a fairy kingdom hidden from the human world ,One day some child who must have unknowingly enter the fairy kingdom has unknowingly release some dark entity creatures ,one of them a leader possess her and now she possessed by the evil leader use the dark spells to energise the creatures to conquer the kingdom and weaken the fairies turn them into weaken chibi version of themselves which they are now and capture them as their slaves some of them escape as the evil minions chase them,Now the dark leader possessing the girl dons a costume to conceal her identity and use her minions to conquer the human world just like what she did with the fairy kingdom.

The escaped fairies tells Kumiko that since they rescued them and has a pure heart they will help her find a wand which will not only turn them back to their true forms as the precure team but also help them make spells that will help them fight the minions and so the fairies and Kumiko find the mcguffin until they found it but the minions caught them and is about to attack them but fortunately Kumiko who touches the wand use its spell to change the fairies into their true forms as Control fairy Precure and with the help of Kumiko who uses the wand which has dial that makes a combo to form spells that will give the cure team weapons and stuff,The precure fairies defeated the evil minions and are victorious but they change back into their chibi fairy forms ,Now Kumiko and the Precure fairies decided that they will try to protect the human world from the evil dark leader who possessed the child but try to find a way to liberate the fairy kingdom and defeat the evil leader for good and search for the other fairies.

The plot line of every episodes in the franchise will have the leader trying to summon the monster of the week to attack the human world, while Kumiko deals with the problem of the week along with their friends and her fairy ones. Kumiko will change her fairy small friends into their precure forms and try to defeat a monster with a help of new spell which is conjured every week and also reflects the lesson of the day.They will also find some of the escaped fairies and join their so they will turn into their precure forms and try to defeat the dark leaders monsters

There will be a special spell in later episodes when a monster becomes a giant, Kumiko will use a fusion like spell that will cause her and her precures fairies to form into a super giant mature precure fairy ,She who is still herself along with the precure fairies in their true forms will reside in the heart of giant precure fairy to control as one similar to super sentai with their combined mecha.

There is also going to be a ‘sixth ranger’ trope later in the series where there is another ordinary girl named Hiroko who is a tomboy encounters the remaining escape fairies just like the Kumiko did and receive a second magic wand that will also change the small fairies into their true precure form .At first she won’t ally with Kumiko and the precure fairies but later in the second part she change her mind and join by her side to defeat the evil leader and her monsters and together find the other escaped fairies ,each fairy will be on the side of either girls when one of them give them their true precure forms.

During the final arc of the series ,Kumiko with her cure friends unmasked the child the leader possessed revealing one of her friends throughout the series which shocked her ,the next episode will reveal how Kumiko’s friend was possessed when she encounter the fairy kingdom she heard voices from the dark creatures to release them and she did and the leader possess her causing her to to remain unconscious while the dark leader take over her body and use the wand she created to energise her minions to conquer and form a costume to conceal her possessed bodies identity and when Kumiko’s friend wakes up and regains control she doesn't remember what happened and the chaos she did when the evil leader possess her after flashback ,Kumiko’s friend begins to remember what she did and pleads her friends to help her but the leader prevents her,So Kumiko use the spell she received to use her precure fairies to to get the leader out of her friends body and regain control but when the evil leader got out of the body she begins to form her own in a supreme form beginning the final battle.

During the final battle the two heroines and the precure fairies once again use their fusion spell to form into a super giant precure fairy and combat the dark leader but she is powerful and easily defeat the supreme giant precure fairies to weaken then reducing them to their chibi fairy selves as the dark leader is about to destroy them but Kumiko’s friend the one the dark leader formerly possess encourage the heroines and the precure fairies not to give up and with regained morale the wand receives a final spell that will cause the precure fairies to regain their true selves permanently and free the fairy kingdom from the dark leaders grasp which weakens her and her minions and then seal her along with her minions permanently for good .

After the fairy kingdom is liberated the fairies celebrated their victory and the restored peace to the kingdom but the precure fairies sadly tell Kumiko,her friend and Hiroko that with the threat sealed,they will have to seal the fairy kingdom from the human kingdom permanently making sure no humans will unknowingly release the dark creatures ever again.Especially that other humans unlike the protagonist are not ready to enter the place.

Kumiko was sad but they understood their words after they give the wands to her precure fairies they hug and say goodbye to each other and then the fairy kingdom door is sealed away from the human world.

The final scenes has our heroines move on to their normal lives especially when Kumiko hangs out with her friend while Hiroko does her normal life as usual and then we return to the fairy kingdom where the fairy precures and the denizens unveil a statue to honor Kumiko and the fairy friends for not only liberating their kingdom and seal the dark villains but also saving the world .

For toys ,I think the wand which is used to give the precure fairies their true forms temporarily to fight against the evil minions and give spells will be in toy form and give sound effects, there will be many buttons to make spell combo from the show just like the ones from magiranger.

And that is my plot for a possible pretty cure series sure it doesn’t have the protagonist change into a pretty cure heroine but it will have her fairies change into one and command them to fight against monster of the week just like Yokai watch and Megaman battle network (rockman.exe),What do you think?