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Since Amazing #700 Peter Parker's body was replaced with the mind of Doc Ock. A swap actually with Peter's mind seemingly dying inside Doc Ock's body. The end result is the self proclaimed Superior Spider-man. You can imagine Doc Ock is causing Havok in his attempt to actually be a superior hero to Peter's Spider-man. Originally, I hated it but I have to admit some decent stories have come out of it. Anyone else reading it?


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I've been reading it.

It's okay for the most part. I didn't like it at first but I think it's improved as it's gone on, especially as it's become evident that it's not going to last, Ock's already starting to lose control over the situation. I think the end result will be an interesting new status quo for Spider-Man . . . if Slott does things right.


I really enjoyed the series. I loved the new suit and I really loved Doctor Octopus' approach to handling situations, you can definitely tell that it wasn't Peter Parker. I could pretty much predict the way the series was going to end (I don't know how far along you are so I won't spoil it) but it was still a slight shock. It's a great series overall, let me know how you like it once you're done.

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