UDON Announces Gurren Lagann Archives Artbook


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I thought there will be a revival or new season, So this is just pictures or early concepts? I am disappointed because I want a continuation.


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Any Gurren Lagann fan should get this artbook, in my opinion. It's impressive that there are about 500 pages worth of designs and images in it. I'm eager to read it in its entirety once I have it in my hands.Growing up, Gurren Lagann was one of my favorite anime shows, so I'm excited that UDON will be producing such a comprehensive artbook. It's intriguing to consider the possibility of additional rare artwork and images from the production process.


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I'm already intrigued by the six pages that UDON has provided as a preview because I adore the attention to detail in the character and mecha designs. It's obvious that a lot of love went into making this series, and I have no doubt that this love will also be apparent in the artbook.

I've always loved anime artbooks, so I'm thrilled to expand my library with the Gurren Lagann Archives. It's astonishing that it's close to 500 pages lengthy, and I have no doubt that book will be jam-packed with tons of intriguing facts and sketches.

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