Street Fighter Masters: Cammy Announced By UDON

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Chun-li wearing Cammy's outfit looks weird. Remember when Cammy became a DLC in Fortnite and they made her wear leggings because of censorship?


I can't get over with Seth's Sex change. They have a man voice and identify as man while having a voluptuous woman's body. Cammy and Juri are teaming up now? they use to be mortal enemies with her. So is Seth considered non Binary now?

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Both the story mode in Street Fighter V and the cut-scene endings for Cammy in Street Fighter IV imply that she is dating Juni in a lesbian relationship. There is also sexual tension between her and Juri, Juri flirts with her a lot. Weird love triangle since Juri and Juni rhymes.
The fact that Cammy now has her own comics is absolutely amazing because her backstory is so interesting. One of the most nuanced characters in the narrative is a woman who on the surface seems skanky. In the Street Fighter universe, people who "main" Cammy have been known to triumph in competitions, and she also has an interesting backstory. It's interesting to observe the lengths she will go to free her sister from M. Bison's control.


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Capcom was unaware that Cammy would end up being the New Challengers' standout character. She was included in Street Fighter IV and has remained a mainstay ever since, following player protests that prevented her from making a comeback in Street Fighter III. I hope these comics explore Cammy's relationship with her twin sister, Sister Decapre, as I am looking forward to seeing her in Street Fighter V.


Yes, my girl, Udon Comics is finally releasing solo comics for my girl Cammy. due to Super Smash Bros. II, Cammy has always been my favorite SF character, and if she can be played, she is always my main character. After Ryu and Guile's, her story is the second best in the series. She goes from a brainwashed assassin clone to a committed, powerful soldier who hunts Shadaloo to save her sisters.


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Jamie Lee Curtis is a huge fan of Cammy, she mains her in Street Fighter when she played with her sons.


I like these comics a lot where you need to save the world. They do look good in muscular bodies with that funny dress lol
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