Trigun Stampede Premieres This Coming Saturday

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The New art style is a bit hard to adjust too because the Vash Stampede I remember have a cool flat top and not a "Sorry Era" Justin Bieber but I will give it a shot because I love the original anime growing up.


I don't like his new hair, He doesn't look like Vash anymore, He looks like Bart Baker, Do you guys still remember that Popular YouTuber who sold his soul to Chinese Government? Yes That Bart Baker!


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To the people behind this, Please think twice before giving Vash a soulless makeover; the original was already fantastic. A skateboarder as young as 16 years old might be the next Vash. Original Vash was most likely in his late 20s or early 30s at the time (even though he was much older). The iconic design of his coat is not effectively depicted in the trailer. also use CGI? I mean, when did that last succeed? The new Milly must retain the long limbs of her predecessor.


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Watching the original anime again brings back fond memories from my youth, and it's great to see it updated for a modern audience. If the original content is preserved without any changes, it has the potential to become something that audiences of all ages will enjoy. When compared to Netflix's disastrous attempt at a live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation, which went so far off the rails as to be completely meaningless, this version actually holds up quite well.


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I felt like a child again after watching this movie. It brings back memories of me watching the English Dub when I was still a little tyke. I wish the Saxophone gun is in this movie.


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I have a great deal of confidence in this attempt for going 3d. Although there are many reasons why this is a good idea, there are also several significant drawbacks that should be considered. The use of computer-generated imagery in the production of the movie does not bother me nearly as much as the announcement of additional Trigun episodes. I am open to changes unlike the nostalgia glasses people.


It's not to my liking at all. dislike it a great deal. In the previous version, there was actually some rich content that you can consider classic. this? Regarding color scheme and aesthetic design, it appears to be identical to every other contemporary and generic af anime. It is incomprehensibly flawless. The rougher edges of the older style fit the narrative better. apart from musical compositions? I can't help but miss those riffs, and I'm crossing my fingers that this new adaptation of Trigun will be a success. Even if its not my cup of tea because I do not want the franchise to be forgotten.


A reimagining has the potential to be cool so long as the original source material's characters and themes are maintained. On the other hand, it could become an epic catastrophe. But until we see the situation for ourselves, we cannot be certain of its nature.


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The design of the original Trigun is regarded as a classic of original anime design; the show's gritty aesthetic complements the setting perfectly. In contrast, Studio Orange is well-known for its innovative and effective use of computer-generated imagery . Despite the fact that this is obviously beautiful to look at, I'm irritated by how cliche it is and how little it resembles anything I've ever seen.

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I simply cannot comprehend how some netizens complaints led to a change in the plot. Do they want me to copypaste the entire thing from start to finish?


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I see that some fans are afraid of change but this change could lead to younger generations discovering the original series.


The thing is the change is not Good,he doesnt look like Vash anymore. He looks like a love child of Logan Paul and Justin Bieber.

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