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I can imagine that, many years in the future, there will be people who are watching The Mandalorian in what appears to be the proper sequence. They’ll move from the Season 2 finale on to the Season 3 premiere, and wonder how Grogu can be back and where Mando got his new ship from. Then months later they’ll try Book Of Boba Fett out of curiosity and go, “Oh, so THIS is where that happened?”
The problem is far worse on the Marvel side: the story of Thor does not properly continue from Thor 3 to Thor 4, but two movies in between. Comics traditionally have little notes from the “editor” in yellow boxes whenever something like this happens, telling readers where they can find the missing piece of the story (“See Issue #474! Excelsior!”). But not in the movies that adapt those comics. You have to do the work on your own. Most people won’t bother, and will be confused.
So those of us in the present day, experiencing The Mandalorian (and other such interconnected media) for the first time...

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Baby Yoda is so cute! 😍😍😍
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Thank God my ban was lifted. The mandalorian costume seemed to be very hot in a literal way inside. Kudos to Pedro Paschal for doing 3 seasons with that costume. I will collapse wearing that thing.


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This show is once again boosting the franchise. It's the only Star Wars spin-off that doesn't face fandom anger, after all.


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I really wanted to see more Mandalorian before the year is through, but I can't wait till 2023. Although the main characters of this program are also really cool, I wonder what kind of cameos we'll have this time.


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I hope Sasha Banks becomes a regular now that she got fired by WWE.
The Koska Reeves toys sold well, so she should start appearing often.
It's incredible how impressive this trailer is while keeping the plot a secret. These days, trailers give you the entire plot, preventing you from enjoying the show.


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It kind of makes sense that he would run to him straight away and never give it a second thought as to what type of a Jedi he would be if he selected the lightsaber, even though the reunion with Djin and Grogu was too quick. I was anxiously anticipating season 3. This Season is much more appealing than Boba and Obie Wan.


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That image of Mando and Grogu turning on their lights in the ominous darkness is fantastic.
It captures the main idea of the show, which is a father and son navigating the galaxy together.
I adore the sense of transformation the trailer is giving me. Tension in the music is the ideal trailer.


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I always wonder if Mando have a very smelly head because he never took off that helmet. Does he even brush his teeth, wash and rinse his face or clean his ears. Does he even shower because He never took off that armor too.

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